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My name is Tyme. I worked in film & television production before (and after) running off to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn a BA degree in Environmental Law & Policy. (I earned my first college degree in Journalism/Communications, and have additional course work in Digital Media, Human Interaction Design, and Instructional Design.)

I began developing websites during college -- creating a feature-rich, interactive site for a professor to use for one of his courses (first of its kind at UNC). #AccidentalPioneer   #E-LearningDesigner

I enjoy merging my skills and experience -- in print, web, mobile, words, video, film, photography, graphic arts -- for dynamic and effective media. #Storyteller   #ForwardThinker

"Think outside the box"???...what's a box? #NoReallyWhatsABox

Also, socially aware, I try to save the planet every chance that I get. #TreeHugger   #Get@Me

Rates accepted range from fair market value to obscenely flattering. (Discount offered to nonprofit organizations.)


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